Night Creature

There is a cliff face cutting into the waves and breaking them to foam. An old kayak is tied to the roof of a battered black Jeep. A white wine spritzer sits unattended on the doorstep. Sid watches her reflection on the surface of the water, with each ripple it changes. Sometimes she finds a beautiful creature looking back. Sometimes she finds a spitting snarling girl, tense with rage and sick with anger.

NIGHT CREATURE is the retelling of an Ancient Greek myth about a pretty nymph turned monster; a fable about losing yourself to the dark blue sea. Folklore and legend collide with the 21st century as the myth of Scylla is told through poetry, storytelling and a live and recorded score to bring a new world to life in the imagination of the listener. You didn't make this monster. It was already here.


Written by Casey Jay Andrews

Music by George Jennings

Presented by Joanne Hartstone & Lion House